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Garden decorations for sale

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Old white marble bas-relief with Christogram.€ 750.00
Fountain mask with depicted Boreas - North Wind.€ 130.00
Fountain mask with depicted green man.€ 245.00
Hanging decoration with lion's head.€ 40.00
Fountain mask with lion's head.€ 110.00
Wall decoration with lily.€ 35.00
Wall decoration with Scottish thistle.€ 35.00
Aged regenerated stone figure to hang.€ 30.00
Aztec calendar made of aged regenerated stone.€ 30.00
Wall figure in regenerated stone.€ 15.00
Wall decoration made of regenerated stone.€ 35.00
Large marble bas-relief with a crowned coat of arms.€ 1700.00
Coat of arms made of Tuscan terracotta depicting the symbol of the art of the Mercatanti or of Calimala.€ 235.00
Old stone decoration with hand carved lion head.€ 650.00
Old concrete mask ideal as a fountain panel.€ 390.00
Hand-carved Carrara marble decoration depicting the sun and writing in Latin "Dum loquor ora fugit" - "while I speak.€ 850.00
Carrara marble fountain mask with hand-carved lion's face.€ 530.00
Decorative panel depicting one of the Menadi or Bacchant followers of Dionysus.€ 60.00
Aged regenerated stone mask.€ 135.00
Decorative tile with regenerated stone floral pattern.€ 45.00
Mask in regenerated stone with the face of Bacchus depicted with grape branches.€ 135.00
Regenerated stone decoration with lion face.€ 160.00
Small oval terracotta panel with putto in relief.€ 85.00
Iron hanging wind rose of our handmade production.€ 390.00


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